Cost Plan Population Process - Oracle/SQL Server


This workflow is run as a scheduled or immediate Job to populate Project Cost Plans. It can be configured to run on any desired set of projects. It can be configured to populate the Cost Plan of Record based on Allocations or based on Assignments.

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Submission Date Jul 15, 2019 12:54 pm
Submitter Rego
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Special Instructions Set the Start Step’s Custom Script Parameter to either “Allocations” or “Assignments”.

Before running this workflow as a Job for the first time, you must modify the Start step as follows: in the section of the GEL script that begins with “”, there is a SQL line “AND 1=2” that must be removed and replaced by SQL code to filter to only the projects you wish this workflow to affect.

If you are not able to perform this step, you may need to consult with a Rego Technical Resource for their assistance.

Company Rego Consulting