Capacity Planning by Role and Skill - SQL Server


The Capacity Planning by Role and Skill portlet displays all availability and demand in the system summarized by role. The portlet also allows the user to drill-down further into the role and separate the hours by primary skill. This portlet leverages the timeslices, and pulls availability from resources and allocation from the team records.

The user is able to narrow the results by filtering on start/finish date, time period, active projects, and active resources. Using this portlet, a resource manager can quickly determine resource needs, skill needs, and overall allocation/availability of roles.

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Submission Date Sep 21, 2012 9:14 pm
Submitter Rego
Content Type Portlet
Database Architecture Microsoft SQL Server
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Supported Versions 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, 15.x
Special Instructions Requires that one custom attribute be added on both the resource and team objects:
? Resource: Primary Skill (ID: rego_primary_skill)
? Team: Primary Skill (ID: rego_primary_skill)
Additionally, this portlet requires the Transfer Primary Skill workflow to be installed and running. This workflow will pull the primary skill from the resource record to the team record. XOG files exist for creating custom attributes and for installing the process workflow.
Company Rego Consulting