Pending Contractor Termination Stalker - Oracle


The Pending Contractor Termination Stalker process sends email to Resource Manager if the Contractor(s) termination date is 3 weeks or less.

This is an On Demand process in Clarity named Contractor Reminders and can be manually executed from the Organizer. If there are number of processes in the Organizer – Available Processes, this process can be filtered and then checked to Start. When Contractor Reminders process is started it will be seen in the Initiated on the Processes tab. The process status can be monitored from Running to the Completed stage.

The Progress when 100% and the Status is Completed an email would have arrived to the Resource Manager with subject: “Contractor(s) With Termination Date in 3 weeks or less”. This email will list the Contractors whose contracts will terminate on the identified date.

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