MUX Views - Change Ownership


This is a standalone process that can be run by an admin to change the ownership of MUX views from a specified user to another specified user. The process contains a single custom script, which has the following parameters that must be updated prior to running the process:
• currentOwnerId (required): Resource ID for the current Owner (unique_name from srm_resources table)
• newOwnerId (required): Resource ID for the new Owner (unique_name from srm_resources table)
• viewCode (optional): Code for the specific view to update - leave blank if you want to transfer ownership for all views (odf_ui_views.code)
The script will update the owner for all views that are marked as shared, as long as the new owner doesn’t have a similar view with the exact same name. If there are views that can’t be updated, they will be logged in the process log.

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Submission Date Oct 1, 2022 11:36 am
Submitter Rego
Content Type Other
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Supported Versions v16.0+
Special Instructions 1. Xog in the Process (XOG-MUXViews-ChangeOwnership.xml).
2. (Optional) Copy the formatted version of the script (MUXViews-ChangeOwnership.xml) into the process action if desired.
3. Validate and activate the process.
Company Rego Consulting